Through our project intervention, we have been able to reach out to youth, especially girls by training them on 21st century skills, i.e. computer operations and English speaking. This has helped in building their confidence and given them access to better career opportunities. JOSH runs two centers, one is exclusively for young girls. Along with employability skills, the youth are capacity building to understand gender issues, legal rights, Right to Information and other issues of social justice. They are also encouraged engage with community through volunteering programs.

1.Youth Resource Centre- SMART Centre:

JOSH runs this center, where both boys and girls living in the slums of Trilokpuri are imparting training in English and Computer operations. This center is run in collaboration with Tech Mahindra Foundation. The trainees are groomed to improve their personality and self-presentation needed for the job market. After completion of the training, JOSH provides them 100% job assistance and market internships.

2.Gender Resource Centre:

      a. Capacity Building and Enhancing Access to Employment of Young Girls :

This centre is run exclusively for girls, especially those from minority areas. The reason for this exclusive girls center is that it enables focused work with girls. The same curriculum is followed in this center. The program with girls focus significantly on building a holistic understanding around issues of gender and the ways in which the understanding of gender and the its interaction with the society shape identity.

      b. Drop Out Girls: ‘ Giving them a Second Chance’:

JOSH worked with girls who have been forced to leave school and dropped out of education due to various family and social pressures. The aim is to give them another chance to live their lives and become financially independent. Through an innovative course curriculum developed in collaboration and support of Nirantar Trust, the girls are helped to reach a level such that they are able to enter mainstream education. The curriculum includes learning language skill, mathematics and science. After completing one year of this course, these girls are helped to learn English and Computer operations so that they also gain the similar footing as others in the job market.